About International Travel Solutions

jeff1Hi, I’m Jeff Jones, a financial and insurance advisor living and working in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. I established International Travel Solutions (ITS) more than a decade ago to provide high-quality travel insurance for individuals, families, businesses and church mission groups traveling to other countries.

ITS has helped thousands of families, groups, and individuals around the world, looking for health, dental and life insurance, international travel health and evacuation insurance.

One of the highest values I hold is a focus on the stewardship of your financial resources. Whether traveling internationally as an individual, a family or a group, finding insurance with outstanding value is my passion. Check out any of the products I offer through International Medical Group (IMG) and generate a free quote for yourself to compare.

Special Acknowledgement

I’d like to thank my good friend Gummi Ibsen for providing the spectacular travel images found on our website. I’m grateful for his talents and I hope you enjoy his artistry as much as I do. If you’d like to learn more about his photography and video craft, check out his website.


International Travel Solutions, Inc. is independent and separate from the businesses of Jeff Jones, Inc. and www.jeffjonesinc.com. ITS provides international travel health insurance and related coverages provided by Jeffrey A. Jones, through International Medical Group (IMG).


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